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Foam Hip Support Orthopedic Pillow

Foam Hip Support Orthopedic Pillow

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Never in backpain again!

Introducing the ultimate solution for your comfort needs: the hip support seat cushion/back cushion! With its modern woven design and solid color pattern, it's perfect for any style. Made of polyester/cotton and filled with memory foam, it offers massage, memory, and anti-decubitus features. The seat is also easy to maintain with a removable, washable cover. Additionally, it can be heated by a hot-water bag to further enhance your comfort.


The ergonomic U-shape of this orthopedic seat cushion provides relief to the back by reducing pressure on the tailbone. For pain relief, orthopedists and doctors worldwide recommend supportive cushions of this shape, as they improve sitting posture and alleviate back pain. Your hips will thank you!



Whether sitting in an office chair, in a car, traveling, or just at home, this ergonomic seat cushion is versatile and easy to transport thanks to its practical carrying handle. The anti-slip coating on the cover ensures a secure grip so that the cushion does not slip on any surface.



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